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1.Even a big pot full of water will b emptied

By a small hole,

In the same way,

A little anger or ego will burn up

The nobility of GOOD HEART..

2.Sumbody said to god:


I want peace God replied:

Remove d" I",dat is ego;

Remove d "Want",dat is desire;

& Peace will b automatically there.


3.Wen time never waits for us


Then y do we always wait for d right time??

No time is wrong to do the right things..


4.If v can laugh wen v r completely broken up,


Den der can b nothing dat can break usnext time..




Once v do bad & dat v heard ever..

Twice v do good but dat v heard never..

dat's world!!dat's life..



6.In life v sumtimes feel dat


All doors r now closed 4us,

If dat happens in our life,

Remember these words-



7.If god answers our prayers,


He's increasing our faith,

If he delays,he'sincreasing our patience,

If he doesn't answers,he knows v can handle.


8.Try is a small word dat can make a big difference.


If v try,v only risk FAILURE,

But if v don't even try,

Den we'll ensure FAILURE!


9.Every bad situation will have sumthing positive,


Even a stopped clock shows correct time twice a day.

Think positive=SUCCESS


10.Small thot-Anger is the feeling


Dat makes ur mouth work faster

Den ur mind........




11.Half of d sorrows v earn by expecting


Good things from wrong people..

And other half of d sorrows v earn by

Expecting wrong things from good people.



12.Be satisfied wid life,

But unsatisfied wid d results v produce..

Dats d best way 2keep growing &

To discover ur hidden potential.


13.Wat is easy & difficult in life?


Easyis 2judge d mistake of others...

Difficult is 2recognise &accept our own mistakes.


14.Real difficulties can b overcum,


It isonly d imaginary ones,

dat are unconquerable.


15.A beautiful understanding about  life:


Our problem is never really our problem.

Our reaction 2d problem is really our problem.



16.In d chase between cat & mouse,

mostly d mouse wins,

bcoz d cat is running 4 its food,

but d mouse 4 its life.



17.Emotions don't have words


Wishes don't have script,

If v smile world is wid us,

otherwise even a drop of tear doesn't like 2 stay wid us.


18.Pure food brings a Pure mind

And pure mind helps in constant

Memory of GOD


19.Me and Mine are d very roots of d


Evil in d world


20.All misery & pain cums from




21.Devotion can b more easily practised


By persons in every condition of life.


22.Help all who r trying to b good


And to do good.....


23.Give to d world d best u have,


And d best will cum back to u////


24.The best thing to give ur enemy is




25.Always remember:


I to will pass away from this world,

But my words & RELIGION will b

Remembered by d generation to cum


26.Wen human mind is silent,



Active Expression.


27.Change urself first if


U wish to change d world..


28.Hope and faith are d 2

Wings of success!!


29.Doing good to others is VIRTUE(DHARMA)


Injuring ithers is SIN.


30.Advice after mischief is like


Medicine after Death..


31.The acts of this life r d


Destiny of the next.....





33.Fame is d beginning of d


Fall of greatness.


34.Life must b lived FORWARDS,


But can only b understood






36.Since v can't get wat v like,


Let us like wat v can get.


37.Our PATIENCE will achieve more den force.



38.Many 'HEARTS' r opened by



Den by keys..


39.Success lies not in FLYING,


But in TRYING..



40.Hope for d best,


But b prepared for d worst.



41.Living in the favourable & unfavourable
situation is called-
But smiling in all those situation is called-


42.Believe in the principle of KARMA NOT IN RAASHI
had same RAASHI
their KARMAM made
them Different....



43.Everything in life has a beautiful ending-


if its nOt beautiful-then its nOt d end
its just the beginning of sOmething mOre Beautiful.......!


44.GOD Is A Sure Paymaster,
He May Not Pay
At The End Of
Every Week Or
Month Or Year,
But Remember He
Pays In The End.
So Keep Faith
In GOD....



45.There is no royal road to success.


BUT after success,every road becomes royal.
Best wishes for those who believe in struggle.....


46.Best MSG. Ever A baby fish asked her mother:Y can't v live on Earth?


other fish: Earth is not the place 4 fishes. Earth is made 4 selfishes


Ven I Lose Hope
Help Me 2 Remember Dat
Ur Luv Is Greater Dan
My Disappointmnts
Ur Plans 4 My
Life R Better Dan
My Dreams....!



48.Guru Bhakti Is The Foundation Of
All Spiritual Development So
As Long As U Have Faith In Your
GURU,Nothing Will Be Able To
Obstruct Your Way.



49.Thought 4 the day
"You cannot solve your problems with the same thinking


you used when you created them".


50.A Famous tell :
It's Possible to Cro-ss an Ocean Withou t Wetting our Legs. But,


It's Impossible to pass the Life Without Wetting ou r Eyes.


51.Nthing Can Be Changed By
Changing d Face.
Bt Everything Can Be
Change By Facing d Change
Hv a Sweet Changes In Life



52.Life is more strict than a Teacher.
A Teacher Teaches Lesson & Then keeps The Exam.
But Life Keeps The Exam First & Then Teaches The LESSON.



53.Shakespear said:
"I always feel happy"
You know why?
Because I dont expect anything
from anyone!!!.
Expectations always hurt.



54.Never wory for the delay in succes compared to others


Bcoz construction of "WONDERS" take more time.


55.A Paper fly in air due 2LUCK But Bird flying in air is bcoz of EFFORTs
So Dont worry if LUCK dsnt support
EFFORTs R always there 2support u..



56.God says:"U r doing,what U want
But Ur getting,what want
Instead U do,what I want.
U will get,what U want"



57.Funny but true
In The Past,Nobody had Watch
But Everyone had Time.
Now everyone has a Watch but



58.~Besutiful Words~
Prayer is not an attempt to change the god's mind,
its an attempt to let God Change our mind...



59.In the BOOK of LIFE
So write the bst u can
Bcozin dis BOOK



60.~Nice lines~
Why do we have so many Temples,
if God is everywhere?
A wise man said:Air is everywhere,
but we still need a fan to feel it....



61.expanded meaning of PAINS is..
We can Bear any Pain.



62.*~Great Line~*
"Man Wishes to fly like a cuckoo

Dance like a peacock

Swim like a fish

But Man ds'nt wish to live like a MAN"



63.Fantastic lines:
"All of us Do Not Have Equal Talent.
But All of us Have an Equal Opportunity to Develop our Talents..."




are the co-teachers
LIFE teaches us the use of TIME......
TIME teaches us the value of LIFE.....!



65.A good thought.....
"IF everyone is Happy WITH us Surely


We have made a lot of COMPROMISES in Our Life"


66.Silence of a Genius is More Disastrous than Weapons
Patience of a Good Person is more Powerful


than Anger of thousand Silly Persons


67.1tree makes 1 lakh Matchstick can burn 1lakh trees...
similriy 1 negtive Thought or Doubt can burn thousands of Dreams..



68.An xcellent quote written in a pRayer hall:
"God has time to listen..,
do you have time to pRay!"



69.Read D below phrase carefully 2 know D fact of life.
God has given us



70.The only GOOD LUCK many great men ever had was


The ability of being born wid d determination and courage

to overcome BAD LUCK..!


71.See d gud in every1.
B blind 2 d faults of othrs.It brings peace in ur life.


Things dont change,u change ur way of looking at theM.


72.Strong people commit mistakes as
weak people.
Only difference
is Stronger people admit mistakes,
Weaker one
will look for excuses.



73.There is a slogan written inthe entrance gate of all schools in JAPAN




74.7 tips 2 b happy in life;
-never be late!
-don't cheat!
-live simple!
-expect little!
-work more!
-always smile!
-nvr break gud relations.



75.Life Gives answers in3ways:
1-It says yes & givesYou what you want
2-It says no & givesYou something better
3-It says wait&givesYou the best



76.Respect the OLD when ur YOUNG
Help the WEAK when ur STRONG
Confess the FAULT when ur WRONG
bcoz oneday in life u will be



77.Luck is not in our hands.
But work is in our hands.
Our work can make our luck,
But Luck cant make our work.
So trust yourself than luck.



78.Dnt Try 2Hav too Much of "Relatns"

Jst Try n Hav too much of

'Life' in ur Relatns...



79.THINK before U Speak
T-Is it TRUE ?
H-Will it HELP ?
K-Is it KIND?



80.Evry1 wants happiness,


no 1 needs pain bt its nt possible 2 get a rainbow without a little rain!

So faceLIFE with confidence


81.Life is an Echo,
All cums Back,
D Gud,d Bad,d False,d True:
So Give d World d Best u Hv & d Best wil Come Back 2 U.



82.Good Relations Are Like Trees
They Demand Attention & Care
In the Begining But Once They Blossom
They Provide Shade In All Situations Of LIFE.



83.Life is all about three things. Winning, Losing and Sharing.


Winning- others hearts, Losing- negativity and Sharing- Happy moments


84.Easy To Loose someone by saying Life.
Difficult to get back that Porson by saying True.
its a fact in Everybody's Life.



85.when God solves your problems
you have faith in His abilities

when He doesnt solve your problems
He has faith in ur abilities.



86.To Be Successfull Forget The Problems You Have Faced
don't Forget The Lessons That Those Problems Taught You...



87.Success is the problem but failure is the formula..

You can't solve the problem without knowing the formula..


88.Morning is nt only sunrise bt a beutiful miracle of GOD


dat dafeats d darknes&spread light

May evryday spread light in ur whole life.


89.When U Are In Light
Everything Is With U
But When U Enter In Dark
Even Ur Own Shadow
Will Not Be With U

That Is Life...



90.Positive Thinking May Not Guarantee Success,


Bt Negative Thinking DEFiNiTELY Guarantees Failure!
So always hv +ve attitude.


91.You Are A Precious Diamond In GODs Hands
When GOD Sharpens Your Edges, Its Really Painful
But That Will Make You More Shiny & Precious.



92.Relationship is like a book,


it takes few seconds to burn but years to write.

So write it carefully n never let it burn.


Life is Gift - Accept it
Life is Sorrow - Overcome it
Life is Duty - Perform it
Life is Tragedy - Face it.



94.Winners always compares their achievements with their own goals,


While losers compares their achievements with the failures of other people


95.Good heart & good nature r two different things

Good heart can win many relationships


good nature can sustain life long relationship.



96.Best religjion "JAIN"

Best festival "PARYUSHAN"

Best mantra "NAVKAR"

Best granth "AAGAM"

Best sutra "KALPSUTRA"



97.secret of health fr both mind&body is not t mourn fr past,


Wory abot future,Or anticipate trubles,Bt t live in present Moment wisely.


98.If U want to enjoy,
Alwys think today is the 1st day.
If U wnt to achieve sumthing,

Alwys think today is the last day..



99.The four ways to reach God :


Luk back and thank God.

Luk forward and trust God.

Luk around and serve God.

Luk within and find God....


100.Start the work in the name of GOD
Do the work with the help of GOD
Finish the work with thanks to GOD COZ he decides
gives & makes every POSSIBLE



101.Problems r lik little STONES


If u keep them near to ur EYE they hide ur VISION
If u keep them at a DESTANCE U Can see How SMALL They R


102.You Cannot Change Your future But.
U can change ur habits & sure ur habits will change ur future!



103.A Winner never quit, But a quiter never win
So choose the best one.



104.NAVKAR is the
'----------. * )
right KEY '---'
it is als
the key
to MOKSH..





106.We have list of our debtors on our lips but
do we have list of our obligers by heart ?



107.What'S different"Temple"&"Home
In Temple every1 imagine to see the god
In home we live god PARENTS..



108.Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live,


it is asking others to live as one wishes to live


109.There is enough for every man need
but not enough for one man greed



110.Difficulties in your life don't come to destroy Y'R


but to help u realise Y'R hidden potential & POWER


111.Fact of life
Lord Mhavir left his palace in search of peace &


V all r in search of at the cost Of peace


112.Think go|d is good
To do good is better
but to be go|d is the best.



113."If everyone is happy with you,


SURELY you have made a lot of compromises in your life.


114.Dream-More, Think-High,
Choose-Best, Analyse-Twice,
Plan-Perfect, Be-Confident,
Work-Hard, Execute-Well,
& Success will be all Urs..


115.Wining Horse dsnt know why it runs in race,


it runs bcoz of beats & pains.

Life is a race: God is ur rider.

So if u r in pain then think, God wants U to win.


116.There is no Wine if Grapes r not pressed.


No Perfume if Flowers r not Crushed.

If u feel any Pressure in Life,

It means God is bringing the best out of u.


117.Victory is not the property of brilliant.

It is the crown for those who bow

themselves in front of hard work, Sincerity & Confidence.


118.I have realised that even a solid thing


like Iron becomes weak,

when its hot and people use it as they wish.

So just stay Cool..............


119.Friends, Health and Time:
These things don't come with price tag:


But when we loose them, we realize the cost.


120.God is an invisible Parent,


And Parents are the visible God,

So if we make the visible God happy,

automaticaly the invisible God becomes happy.


121.Harmful truth is better den a useful lie...


122.Focus on making things


better den bigger...........


123.If god be for u,


who can be against u???


124.Better to die on one's feet


den to live on one's knees...


125.People r lonely bcoz


they build walls instead of bridge....


126.There is nothing good or bad,


but thinking makes it so....


127.Our necessities r few but


our wants r endless.


128.It is easy to learn something


About everything,but it is difficult to

Learn everything about anything.


129.Arise awake and stop not till


The goal is reached...


130.Men r born with 2eyes but 1tongue


inorder dat they shud see twice as much as they say.


131.Its better to have a rich soul


than to be rich..


132.Never leave on tommorrow


which u can do today.


133.People generally quarrel bcoz


they cannot argue.


134.Not he who has much is RICH


But he who gives much.


135.To be born with a Personality is a gift from our parents,

But to live as a known Personality would be our gift to parents.


136.Never put off till tomorrow,


the benevolent deed you can do today.

Never put off till later, if you can do it right away.


137.It is wise to direct our anger towards problems-not people,


To focus our energies on answers-not excuses.


138.If u r peaceful dwhole world


Bcums peaceful to us.

It is just a reflection.

Watsoever r us is reflected all over.

Everyone bcums a mirror.


139.U r not responsible 4 wat people think abt u,


Bt ur responsible 4 wat u give dem 2think abt u.

They may 4get wat u said but

They will never 4get how u made dem feel..........


140."Do good to everyone without expecting much"


As an old proverb says-

"Fragrances always cling to the hands

Those who distribute roses"


141.If the Path is beautiful, ask where it leads to..


But if the Destination is beautiful, never mind about the path..



142.Life sometimes takes unknown turn,


dont be afraid 2 travel it.

Someday that turn will take us

2 untouched heights on top of d world.. :)




The Relation Which Requirs Efforts 2 Maintain R Nvr True &

If Relation R True They Nvr Require Any Efforts 2 Maintain..



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