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1.Even a big pot full of water will b emptied

By a small hole,

In the same way,

A little anger or ego will burn up

The nobility of GOOD HEART..

2.Sumbody said to god:


I want peace God replied:

Remove d" I",dat is ego;

Remove d "Want",dat is desire;

& Peace will b automatically there.


3.Wen time never waits for us


Then y do we always wait for d right time??

No time is wrong to do the right things..


4.If v can laugh wen v r completely broken up,


Den der can b nothing dat can break usnext time..




Once v do bad & dat v heard ever..

Twice v do good but dat v heard never..

dat's world!!dat's life..


6.In life v sumtimes feel dat


All doors r now closed 4us,

If dat happens in our life,

Remember these words-



7.If god answers our prayers,


He's increasing our faith,

If he delays,he'sincreasing our patience,

If he doesn't answers,he knows v can handle.


8.Try is a small word dat can make a big difference.


If v try,v only risk FAILURE,

But if v don't even try,

Den we'll ensure FAILURE!


9.Every bad situation will have sumthing positive,


Even a stopped clock shows correct time twice a day.

Think positive=SUCCESS


10.Small thot-Anger is the feeling


Dat makes ur mouth work faster

Den ur mind........


11.Half of d sorrows v earn by expecting


Good things from wrong people..

And other half of d sorrows v earn by

Expecting wrong things from good people.



12.Be satisfied wid life,

But unsatisfied wid d results v produce..

Dats d best way 2keep growing &

To discover ur hidden potential.


13.Wat is easy & difficult in life?


Easyis 2judge d mistake of others...

Difficult is 2recognise &accept our own mistakes.


14.Real difficulties can b overcum,


It isonly d imaginary ones,

dat are unconquerable.


15.A beautiful understanding about  life:


Our problem is never really our problem.

Our reaction 2d problem is really our problem.



16.In d chase between cat & mouse,

mostly d mouse wins,

bcoz d cat is running 4 its food,

but d mouse 4 its life.



17.Emotions don't have words


Wishes don't have script,

If v smile world is wid us,

otherwise even a drop of tear doesn't like 2 stay wid us.


18.Pure food brings a Pure mind

And pure mind helps in constant

Memory of GOD


19.Me and Mine are d very roots of d


Evil in d world


20.All misery & pain cums from




21.Devotion can b more easily practised


By persons in every condition of life.


22.Help all who r trying to b good


And to do good.....


23.Give to d world d best u have,


And d best will cum back to u////


24.The best thing to give ur enemy is




25.Always remember:


I to will pass away from this world,

But my words & RELIGION will b

Remembered by d generation to cum


26.Wen human mind is silent,



Active Expression.


27.Change urself first if


U wish to change d world..


28.Hope and faith are d 2

Wings of success!!


29.Doing good to others is VIRTUE(DHARMA)


Injuring ithers is SIN.


30.Advice after mischief is like


Medicine after Death..



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