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Questions Answered:

  • Q: In the Holy Qur'an it is written that God has created everything - God is the Creator of everything (39:62) - and it is also stated that He has created everything is favorable - He Who made best everything which He hath created... (32:7). In this manner a relation has been made between creation and goodness - meaning that everything that is created and existing is good. However, by contrast, reasoning and also some Qur'anic verses clearly state that some actions are evil and ugly? How can this be explained? ....

    A: In general, ill manners (evilness) and natural disasters (evils) - earthquakes, floods, etc... - are voids; and from this aspect they do not have fundamental existence (inasmuch as they are evil) to be counted among that which is good. In other words, sickness is void of health, blindness is void of sight, oppression is void of justice, and ugliness is void of beauty. ( Ref :Tafsir Al-Mizan Vol. 1 pg. 101 Author :Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai.)
  • Q: Why do Shias combine prayers? Did the Holy Prophet (pbuh) combined his prayers?

    A: No one suggests that there is anything wrong with praying the individual prayers separately. Zuhr and `Asr prayers and Maghrib and 'Isha' prayers can be offered either combined or separately. However, this practice of combining the two prayers by the Prophet (s) reflects the Divine Grace of Allah (swt) for the convenience of the ummah, and there are good reasons why it has become customary amongst the Shi'ah.
    Combining Zuhr and `Asr prayers, and Maghrib and 'Isha' prayers, is in accordance with the Qur’an and permissible according to the sunnah of Prophet (s), besides being more convenient. The fact that this well-evidenced sunnah is not generally practiced by our Sunni brothers does not make it inapplicable in our lives. 
    The Sunni schools of law (fiqh) - with the exception of the Hanafi school - allow the combining of the obligatory prayers (al-jam` bayn al-salatayn) in the case of rain, travel, fear, or other emergencies. The Hanafi school of law prohibits the combination of the daily prayers at any time, with the exception of the prayers at Al-Muzdalifa during the Hajj. There is also a narrative (??? ?? ????? ??? ???? ???? ? ??? ??? ??? ?????? ? ?????? ????????? ????? ???? ???????? ) 
    There are also narratives that the Prophet (pbuh) combined his prayers when he was traveling. The Maliki, Shafi'i, and Hanbali schools of law all agree on the permissibility of combining the prayers when one is travelling, but have differences of opinion on other reasons. The Shi'ah Ja'fari school of law states that one can combine the prayers without any particular reason. 
    The Messenger of Allah (s) observed the noon and afternoon prayers together in Medina without being in a state of fear or in a state of journey. Abu Zubair said: “I asked Sa'id (one of the narrators) why he did that. He said: I asked Ibn 'Abbas as you have asked me, and he replied that he (the Holy Prophet) wanted that no one among his Ummah should be put to (unnecessary) hardship.”

  • Q: Islamically, can a man be born twice in the world?

    A: If what you mean is, to be born again in this world, it will suffice to say, that it is possible only by a miraculous power as has been done before; for example, Jesus (as) who gave life to the dead, and is confirmed in the Qur’an. But if you mean incarnation (holul) and the transmigration of souls (tanasukh) - whereby the soul of a dead person comes to life in another body and enters the world - then Islamically and in actuality, this is a null-and-void theory.
  • Q: What are the different degrees of prophethood? Imam Ali (as) is not higher in rank than Prophet Muhammad (saws), but he is higher than the other prophets. What is the basis of this claim?  

    A: Prophets can be divided into two categories: 1) The Arch-Prophets who were sent on a mission by Allah (swt). They are considered as the prophets of Law and religion. They include Noah (as), Abraham (as), Moses (as), Jesus (as) and Muhammad (saws), whose religions were spread in a wide area at their times. The Last Prophet, Muhammad (saws), is the last of the divine prophets who brought the universal religion, which will remain until the Last Day. There is no prophet after him. 2) The second category includes those prophets who propagated the religions of the Arch-Prophets. The extent of their prophethood and mission was not so great. Imam Ali (as) is higher in rank than other prophets, because of his Imamate, but he is not higher in rank than the Prophet Muhammad (saws), because Muhammad (saws) was both Prophet and Imam and he was the best of all creations.
  • Q: Why do most religions reject each other, while most of them are based on the same thing? And why does man need a religion? 

    A: All religious rulings seek to transcend individuals and at the end, preserve the social system; and in short, they are designed to guarantee man's happiness in this world and hereafter.

We believe that Islam is the most complete and well-founded religion in the world and that it has successfully addressed the myriad aspects of human life.

Islam prohibits any kind of insult to other human beings.

Respect for religious rulings and principles is far more important than any kind of respect we might hold for individuals, for by obeying these rules we actually pay respect to Allah and His orders. This reality is beyond debate.

Need of religion and the similarity between religions are two distinct and different issues. There are many books that have addressed the question of man's quest for religion: Sharh-i Tajrid (Explaining the Unseen), Haq-ul Yaqin (Reaching Absolute Certainty) by Shebr, Kalam-ul Tayyeb (Immaculate Word),… Similarity of religions or debating the existence of a perfect religion that would meet man's needs in a comprehensive and thorough manner are logical undertakings that should be welcomed by wisemen. Qur'an even encourages such debates. (Wa Jadilhom Billati Hay Ahsan).

  • Q: What are the harms of eating pork for which Islam has forbidden it, while Christians are very crazy about eating it?

    A: Nowadays, it has been proved that pork is more dangerous than what was supposed. The various associated risks for consuming it are both morally (through hormones) and sanitarily.

    Hereunder, we refer to one of its sanitary harms which is a disease called trichinosis.
    It is interesting that what you read hereunder is translation of an article from one of the American scientific resources by Dr. Mohammad Ghafrani.
A dangerous disease caused by pig
Many sanitary organizations receive reports from the physicians about the patients suffering from a disease called trichinosis. Now, the reports indicate that the disease has become epidemic that is, the cases of this disease are much more than what should normally exist in the society.
Trichinosis is a parasitic disease caused by a small hairy worm, which is one of the round worms. This worm lives in the body of pig and some other animals, but any mammal may be afflicted by this disease after eating the polluted pork, but man's sensitivity in this respect is much more. For instance, bear is easily afflicted after eating pig's parts, like intestine, and the hunters and others consuming the flesh of a bear, will be afflicted by this disease in turn.
Normally, man is afflicted by this disease after eating the not well cooked pork (No one can claim that he has consumed a port well and fully cooked, because now, there are some cases of trichinosis caused by eating pork, apparently cooked reliably by modern tools and the writer of article too refers to this issue- Translator's note).
A study based on autopsy indicates that 25 million of people have grown this parasite in their body, but a group of them have displayed the symptoms of disease clinically, and thousands cases of disease have remained unknown to the physicians!
Moreover, it has been estimated that from 25 million of people proved to be infected with this parasite in their muscles and often diaphragm, 16000 have displayed the disease clearly in the clinic, and 5 percent of them have passed away for severity of infection.

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